Construction Of Septic Tank Rules

Septic Tank Septic tank is a landfill for the big water of the closet. The selection of the place and the septic tank model that will be used is very influential on the health of a home. This is due to the distance and septic tank seepage wells of at least 8 meters.

Job Creation Septic tank and Seepage Caused the drilling point there is clean water in the back of the House, then the location of the septic tank must point away from the water. Compliance with health standards, a distance of septic tank with the point of water for a minimum of 10 meters.

Because of this work could disturb the neighbors, such as noise and dust of building materials, ask permission to the neighbors that we are going to build a house next to it. Make a well Pump [Pantek] Ask the neighbor to the location septic tank in her home. However, the problems of the management of fecal matter isn't as easy as it is completed by an individual septic tank systems of sorts. The condition of the populous neighborhoods in big cities, such as Medan and Surabaya, Jakarta requires solutions that are more than just building a septic tank in every home.

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